The Story So Far

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[10/01/2017] Updated story


 The universe illuminates in a blinding flash from an unknown source causing the heavens and hell to be created under one plane of existence. The people from each world look for their position and what they can do to prolong life.


Phase 1: 325,000 {Current}

Phase 2: 7,500,000

Phase 3: 20,000,000

Phase 4: 50,000,000

Phase 5: Uncapped


RP Training

In order to perform RP training, you need to make a pastebin that revolves around training your character. You'll get more bp based on reason versus content. However content and reason together will give you the most amount of BP. Training RP's are only applicable if Admins approve of it being a good reason.

Trainning RP Rates: (You can only apply if you're below the Average Relative BP)
1/5: 10% (Average Relative) BP
2/5: 15% (Average Relative) BP
3/5: 20% (Average Relative) BP
4/5: 25% (Average Relative) BP
5/5: 30% (Average Relative) BP

RP Training Application Guide

Open Races

Spirit Doll       
Demon (Earth)

Limited Races
Saiyan (5/4)       
Alien (0/10)

Icer (0/0)

Locked Races

These races are only applicable with a rank combo-- generally a phase villain, ranked character, or event character only. Admin Level 4 permission required.

Bio-Android -- Requires a scientist to have the DNA of a Saiyan, Namekian, Human, and Icer (Phase 2 Applicable afterwards)       
Half-Saiyan - Until a Human and a Saiyan mates (Phase 3 (Admin lvl 3 Decision) Applicable afterwards)

OG Majin -- Requires a ____ to have want a being to do their biding (Phase 4)

Race/Rank Application Guide

Planets and Ranks Information

Each rank follows a specific BP Tier ranging from S+ Tier as the highest and C Tier as the lowest. If your rank is significally bellow the strongest player it will be raised to past the Tier. If your rank is significantly lower than it's orginal number. You will be placed at that number. Please bare in mind this is a new system.


Tier System

S+ Tier = SPK/SDL
S Tier = Mutated Icer
A Tier = Planet Leaders/Warriors
B Tier = Stronger Warriors (Exception of Earth Guardian)
C Tier = Hermits/Teachers

Click each planet image to see the ranks and information on it.

Ranks are Currently Open.

Custom Ranks are year 5 after leader rank has been filled.

Ranks are freeform but must refer to the lore of the Rank. Click me for more details























Custom Ranks