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Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the cosmo's. The beauty of earth is unparrell from all other planets as it is filled with humans and other creatures alike. When someone enters the planets atmosphere the immediately notice the difference in gravity as the air is light. It's a beautiful planet but it's weaknesses is it's beauty as the races on the planet is not as powerful than others.




Humans are smart beings are recognized as light to dark skin individuals with very colorful eyes and hair. They are usual weak being born on a weak planet but they are known to be very formidable when it comes to martial arts. The humans on earth are refered to as Earthlings and their origins before they came to be was filled with war and careless acts. Now times are different for them.



Spiritdolls are essentially the spirit of a human inside the body of an physically unaging doll. They range from all different types of looks from that of a beast like manner, to simple housepets, to that of mysterious pocket-like monsters.


Earth Demons

Demons are weaker forms of that from which they spawn. The Demons on Earth are strong and should be consider a threat. These Demons can range from that of the truely evil and that of neutral alignments. They usually put on a form that is similiar to Earthlings and sometimes can't even be differenciated between the two.



Maykyans are humanoids whose features vary, but of their most common traits are pointed ears and fangs. They have a natural transformation which causes extreme growth of the body and an increase in strenth. At some point in their history an ancient Makyo went to Earth and attempted to become the Earth Gaurdian, they were denied because of their evil intentions. This ancient Makyo was sent to the Dead Zone and has returned after some years forced to realize their people have become extinct. This Ancient Makyo luckly found one more to reproduce which is why these Makyo's are here today.




Earth Guardian

Lore: The oldest position of leadership. This person is also known to have created the dragon balls. The Earth Guardian's soul position in life is to ensure the well being of Earth regardless of good or evil intentions. The Earth Guardian usually leaves himself out of battles and uses the Dragon Balls are a warrior to fix their problems.

  • Receives a the Earth Guardian skillset
  • Receives 800 HBTC (Tier B)
  • Receives Telepathy through realms
  • Ability to allow people to drink the Sacred Water, utilize the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and have one player as the bean daddy.
  • Has knowledge of all things about Earthling people.
  • Ability to make Dragon Balls if they are a Earthling race or Namekian



Bean Daddy

Lore: A warrior who has transcended past all other warriors and has been assigned as the bean daddy for the Earth Guardian. They objective is to help the fools of the lower worlds by allowing them to get stronger by trainnning with the all mighty Bean Daddy. Any who object to the Bean daddy's rulings shall be smited before they have chance to insult them.

  • Receives the ability to be the Bean Daddy
  • Receives 1k HBTC (Tier A)
  • Recieves the ability to make Senzu Beans
  • Recieves the Mr. Popo skillset
  • Recieves a Customizable sword
  • Ability to allow one other person to be the Bean Daddy's assistant
  • Immortal
  • Bean Daddy
  • Daddy
  • Ability to call themselves the Bean Daddy
  • Ability to call others maggots without any IC drawbacks
  • Essentially the God of the server
  • Considered the Level 4 Admin
  • Gets to Wipe the Server whenever they want
  • Gets to call Zeno a Maggot
  • Allowed to Hakai Players
  • Gets all the skills in the Universe


Turtle Hermit (Taken)

Lore: The Hermit of Turtles, a master of a fighting style ... the style of Turtle. An complex yet worthy trainning style able to increase a persons knowledge of fighting granting them a stronger stance. Not many people believe in the Hermits ways as stronger than most humans but those that follow his teaching will be surprised by the hidden strengths it gives.

  • Receives the Turtle Hermit skillset
  • Receives Strength boost of +0.2
  • Receives  300 HBTC (Tier C)
  • Receives Immortality
  • Receives a Dirty Magizine
  • Ability to raise a players stats by +0.2 in two stats after 10 years of following the Hermits teachings (Advise Admin)
    • Most preform RP feats that follow the stat they are attempting to add. Up to TH's ideas



Crane Hermit

Lore: The Crane, a Hermit of a similiar teaching of that of the Turtle except that they follow a completely different stance and combat. They're main focus is the ability of using Ki and the chakra of the Third Eye. The person who follows this style will have access to Third Eye earlier than most humans. Those following this teaching will be surprised by the hidden power it grants.

  • Receives the Crane Hermit skillset
  • Receives Force boost of +0.2
  • Receives 300 HBTC (Tier C)
  • Receives Third Eye if Human
  • Ability to grant Third Eye to players that follow this class earlier than others.
    • Most preform RP feats allowing them to get the Third Eye. Up to the CH's ideas


The Legendary (Taken) Swordsmen


Lore: They didn't believe him when he stated evil was to arise. A great evil were to arise from the depths of hell itself. All but one decided to take this knowledge with their head held high and a blade in their hand. This man, the one who dare challenge all of those in his way with the mighty blade  has shown promise to the hopes in dreams of human will. The one who challenged this evil is known as The Legendary Swordsmen. 

  • Receives the Teacher skillset
  • Receives the Legendary Sword (Customizable)
  • Receives 1k HBTC (Tier A)
  • Receives Sokidan and Dash Attack
  • Receives 0.2+ in any stat
  • Receives a 1.05 BP multi
  • Ability to pass his sword on to those he wants, granting them all them a BP multi and a slight boost to the players BP. 20% Average BP of Server is added to your player




Arua Doll

Lore: A doll who follows a path of simple loyalty trainning and pocesssion of a similar power to Ki. This Ki the Doll is loyal to is Arua. The Arua Doll was once a human however through a complex amount of scenarios they were reborn into this blue like being with the shape of a fox or a wolf. His fighting abilities are unparrallel to most.
  • Receives the Teacher skillset
  • Receives 500 HBTC (Tier A)
  • Receives Telpathy, Observe, Sense 3
  • When BP Reaches
    • 10k= Kamehameha and a Customizable sword
    • 50k= Decreased Ki BP lost, BP Multi +0.05
    • 500K= Adapt +, Med + 0.5


The Arua Doll's main objective is to discover the realm of Underserving. In order to do this they must gather a team of fighters or a Kingdom and stay loyal to them. This Doll has no will and only follows the orders of those they follow. He is a housepet and the realm of Underserving is an Event that focuses around this Rank. Causing massive amount of RP. (Must be Spirit Doll)


Undeserving Makyo (Taken)

Lore: A Makyo who has become stronger due to the power of the realm of Underserving. They've found this secret location due to many sleepless nights of studying on information to bring a warrior from another realm into this world. With the realm of Underserving and his need for power due to his parents being killed by humans. His objective is to take control of the humans and use his warrior for the great or good of the people of this world. War will no longer be tolerated as it kills people they are close too.
  • Receives the Teacher skillset
  • Receives 800 HBTC (Tier A)
  • Receives Majin and the ability to Majinize players
  • Ability to not be sensed by any other character other than the Arua Doll
  • Giant Form
  • When BP reaches
    • 10k = Customizable Sword
    • 50k = Anger boost +0.2
    • 500k = Limit Breaker



Demon Lord (Taken)

Lore: Under the false ideas of their standings, the Demon Lord is a man who controls all the Demons of Earth. He is the one true Lord of Demons in his mind and his access to Hell is what makes his power stronger. He has a kingdom of Demons and all demons follow his command.
  • Receives the Teacher skillset
  • Forced Evil
  • Receives Majin and the ability to Majinize players
  • Receives 1k HBTC (Tier A)
  • Anger boost of 0.3+


Head Scientist

Lore: A Human who has intelligence that is remarkable to all other Humans. Known to be the lead in developing technology that others wish they could think of. The Head Scientist is known throughout the world at the corporation they named and most come to them in the hopes of better technology.

  • Gains an Increased INT mod of +0.5
  • Gains the ability to have knowledge of anything if they research within a certain amount of years (Must have Admin approval and a trail to research)
  • Gains 75 Million resouces.



Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Masenko
  • Kienzan
  • Sokidan
  • Dash Attack
  • Give Power
  • Heal
  • Third Eye (Phase 2)
  • Solar Flare
  • Giant Form (Makyo Only)