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Namek is filled with blue rich grass plains and trees that give the planet youth. It's green waters and skies fill the atmosphere with fresh air and beautiful scenary. If one were to land on the planet they would immediatly notice that it is peaceful and quiet. They would then take notice of the intense gravity slightly stronger than that of lesser planets.




Namekians are humaniod slug-like beings with antennae and long ears sprouting from their head. With their light green skin, and pink patches appearing throughout their bodies, they are quite different from other races. Namekians have a devloped sense of hearing beyond that of most creatures. They require only water for sustenance as their body transforms it into nutrients. They have very long lifespans and are quite capable warriors of peace. The Namekians have split their people into the Dragon Clan and the Warrior Clan


The Dragon Clan are the support caste of Namekians that pertain to magic. The single greatest unique trait of the Dragon Clan is their ability to create objects and with this an even greater power emerges. As the Dragon Clan has brought forth to the universe how they created what is now known as the Dragon Balls.

The Warrior Clan are the combative Namekians who are very proficient in combat. They're power can be relished as higher than most races and by far the most powerful capable of reaching heights not most beings can reach. They are unable to use most magician like abilities of the Dragon Clan but their lack of magic transfers to combat. They fight usually to protect and should be noted as capable warriors.





Namekian Elder (Taken)

Lore: The oldest and wisest Namekian also known to have created the dragon balls. The Namekian Elder is consider to be a member of the Dragon Clan and has the ability to unlock a persons true hidden potential. The Elder has the sole responsibility of making sure the planet and his people are safe. Guiding them through this life and protecting themselves from the harsh reaches of evil beings.

  • Receives a the Elder skillset
  • Receives the ability unlock the true potential of a person by giving them a boost. (Admin Approval; Only before Acension and once per player) {Potential Mod x 50% Average BP = HBTC)
  • Receives 10k HBTC
  • Receives Telepathy through realms
  • Receives 15 Million resouces

RP Requirements: *Must guide and have the support of the Namekians around them. Build a throne room for yourself.*


Namekian Guardian

Lore: A warrior who has transcended past all other warriors and has been assigned as the guardian for the Elder. They have trained for several years in order to obtain this level of strength and their sole purpose is to prevent the Elder from being harmed in anyway.

  • Receives the Gaurdian skillset
  • Receives 10-40k HBTC (Depending on Phase)


Demon Clan Namekian

Lore: A Warrior Clan member Namekian who is pocessed by evil entirely. They're main purpose is to rule the galaxy as their priority is greed. The Demon Clan Namekian's primary task is to rid the planet of the Namekian Guardian so the Elder may be used to his advantage

  • Receives the Teacher skillset
  • Receives Anger boost of +0.2
  • Receives 5-20k HBTC (Depending on Phase)
  • Receives the ability ability to reincarnate as their own child once.



Namekian Scientist

Lore: A Namekian who has potential intelligence that is remarkable to all other Namekians. They are known to be the lead in developing technology that others wish they could think of. Their creativity has led them to be believed as the go to man for information. The Namekian scientist must build for the sake of peace.

  • Gains an Increased INT mod of +0.5
  • Gains the ability to have knowledge of anything if they research within a certain amount of years (Must have Admin approval and a trail to research)
  • Gains 25 Million resources



Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Scatter shot
  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Giant Form
  • Masenko
  • Racial Fusion (Gains HBTC based of BP)
  • Dash Attack
  • Materilization