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Jungle is filled with luxories rainforests and dark green grass rich with life. Any being could live in this terrain... if they can survive the gravity that is. It's jungles are easy to sustain life, life that is quite strong and formidable. Almost too strong due to the gravity.



Hera Race


Herans come in all different shapes and sizes and are born in very different ways. Most of the people of their race support teal skin and orange like hair and have humaniod forms but some come out in different ways. It is known that some of them come out in spectacular ways and others by forming bonds with others. One thing is known that they all share the same knowledge of knowing that their planet possesses knowledge of the Transformation Technique, the pride, joy, and symbol of their people.


Full Power Transformation (After First Super Saiyan)

Members of the Race of Hera have the ability to take on a form that greatly increases their power. The form is taken when the Race of Hera user concentrates their ki. In this form, the user's hair goes red, their skin goes lime green, and their muscles increase dramatically.

(Form Multi = 1.08/ SSJ Able)





The Godfather (Taken)

Lore: The Boss is the head of the family, usually reigning as a dictator, sometimes called the Don or "Godfather". The Mafia never recognizes the position of the Godfather to modern media or the Universe as it would give way to his destruction or death. The Godfather is responsible for their family and gives them special wishes if they want to do so... that is if they are loyal. The boss, is ruthless and has technological advantages.

  • Receives the Andriod/Arconia Skillset
  • Receives the Full Transformation
  • Receives 20k HBTC
  • Receives an Entire City
  • Receives 50 Million resouces
  • Receives Orbital Cannon, Door Hacker, Bounty Computer, and (3-4 Telewatches, 10 Telepads)
  • Able to access the desert cave but only they can access it.

RP Requirements: *Must gain the respect from the members of the Mafia.*


The Family/Mafia (0/2)

Lore: The Mafia are a ruthless criminal syndicate. They are responsible for most crimes within their world if not the universe. They have supreme power over their planet and are completely loyal to the Godfather

  • Receives Giant Form
  • Receives the Andriod Skillset
  • Receives 10k HBTC (Depending on Phase)
  • Receives 10 Million resouces
  • Receives Door Hackers
  • Receives the ability to recruit Mafia members


The Galaxy Warriors (1/3)

Lore: A group of mecenaries who ravage the universe for money and any valuables. They hate the Mafia and the Godfather as they are a structure group of power while the mecenary group relishes in the joy of getting what they deserve by a first come first serve baises. The leader is respected but does not own the power of getting valubles but instead owns the group by his power.

  • Receives the Jungle Skillset
  • Leader Recieves 15k HBTC
  • Receives Anger boost of (+0.2)
  • Receives 10k HBTC (Depending on Phase)
  • Receives Majin but cannot Majinize people.
  • Receives Full Transformation



Armory Manager (Taken)

Lore: They fit the people of the planet with money and love to research about technological weapons to increase their planets worth. They are a scientist first and a Armory Manager second.

  • Gains an Increased INT mod of +0.5
  • Gains the ability to have knowledge of anything if they research within a certain amount of years (Must have Admin approval and a trail to research)
  • Gains the ability to create Stronger Weapons (Admin Decision)
  • Gains 25 Million resources



Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Full Transformation (After the First Super Saiyan)
  • Makosen
  • Death Ball
  • Dodonpo
  • Dash Attack
  • Materilization
  • Giant Form