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Arconia is filled with green grass spreaded out islands and a vast amount of blue water. Similiar to Earth, it's main body contains a huge island most of the species live on. The differences are quite evident with it's gravity being more intense than others. It is known that Arconia has three moons and it's people are... very different from other races.





Arconians come in all different shapes and sizes and are born in very different ways. It is known that some of them come out in spectacular ways and others by forming bonds with others. One thing is known that they all share the same knowledge of knowing that their planet possesses knowledge of the Instant Transmission Technique, the pride, joy, and symbol of their people.






King of Arconia

Lore: The King of Arconia is known to have the ability to transcend through space and time and enter a instantanious movement from one location to the other. They are strong and highly recognized as the people's leader. His Kingdom and his people are their primary concern.

  • Receives the Arconian skillset
  • Receives a free sword
  • Receives 25k HBTC
  • Receives Telepathy through realms
  • Receives 15 Million resouces

RP Requirements: *Must guide and have the support of the Arconians around them through force or through any means necessary. Build a throne room for yourself.*


The Arconian Knights (0/2)

Lore: A warrior who has transcended past all other warriors and has been assigned as the Gaurdsmen of Arconia. They're main objective is to protect the King from all harm or danger. They utilize their ability to teleport only to serve the King by his orders. They are preceived as highly admirable and believe in the Knights chivalry code.

  • Receives the Arconian Skillset
  • Receives 10k HBTC (Depending on Phase)
  • Receives a free sword
  • Receives the ability to recruit players into the Guardsmen
    • Gaurdsmen are a subclass of Knights gain the Teacher skillset and 5k HBTC. They are not apart of a Rank.


The Dark Knight

Lore: A Knight that has declared their dislike of the Kingdom. They have broken all chivalry codes and do not listen well to others. His main objective is to cast the Knights aside as weaklings for following the code. He wishes to do right with the people by becoming the one true King.

  • Receives the Arconian skillset
  • Receives Anger boost of +0.2
  • Receives 5-20k HBTC (Depending on Phase)
  • Receives Majin but cannot Majinize people.



Arconian Wizard

Lore: Science and technology are your mind and magic

  • Gains an Increased INT mod of +0.5
  • Gains the ability to have knowledge of anything if they research within a certain amount of years (Must have Admin approval and a trail to research)
  • Gains the ability to create a Majin from the Original Majin.
  • Gains 25 Million resources



Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Instant Transmission
  • Makosen
  • Limit Breaker
  • Spin Blast
  • Dash Attack
  • Materilization