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Vegeta is a red, rocky planet with very little vegetation. Extreme climate and no biomes besides the badlands, it’s a wonder why anything can live here. Especially with the immense forces of gravity that would grind the bones of those living here to paste if they were most other races.




Saiyans are a fighting race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle. They are thought to be a proud race of warriors and believe in a system of honour and power. Those that are born under the planet of Vegeta live their days in caves whilst attempting to survive the harsh terrain that is Vegeta and it’s people. It is thought that the strongest Saiyan of the rest should be label as the King… and that is absolute law.


Tsujins are a generally pacifistic, scientific race that lives deep underground in the rocky crags of Planet Vegeta, in a place known as Atlantis. A place full of caustic waters and a collapsing infrastructure, here the Tsujins make their living. Their birth is something rarely ever seen in their society, as Tsujins come forth from cryogenic pods that their ancestors put them into when at various ages, awakening to try to build on the last works of their most recent ancestors.





King/Queen of Vegeta (KOV/QOV) Taken

Lore: The leader of the planet, a warrior who has transcended past all other warriors and has been assigned into royalty for having power that is unobtainable from mere low class or mid class Saiyans. They have the absolute duty to help their race by showing the universe their might and power.

  • Receives the ability to make moons (Gains 5+)
  • Receives 10k HBTC
  • Receives Zenkai Increase of +0.5
  • Receives 15 Million resouces

RP Requirements: *Must gain the loyalty from all Saiyans, or beat all Saiyans in a battle for the throne*


Elite Saiyan (0/1)

Lore: A warrior who has transcended past all other warriors and has been assigned into royalty for having power that is unobtainable from mere low class or mid class Saiyans. They are meant to keep all Saiyans below them in check and expect the other Saiyans to follow a since of pride

  • Receives the Elite Saiyan skillset
  • Receives the ability to make moons (Gains 5+)

RP Requirements: *Can be appointed by the King/Queen of Vegeta. Only one.*



Rebel Saiyan

Lore: A low class warrior who has been casted out the society of Vegeta as a disgrace to their race. They don’t necessarily hate the Saiyans but doesn’t like the fact they have to follow their rules. He is known to show the Saiyans true potential and what they are capable of.

  • Receives Zenkai Increase of +0.5
  • Receives Anger boost of +0.2

RP Requirements: *Must leave the rulings of King or Queen by stating their desire to leave. Afterwards they must not be killed for 4 IC months or taken back into the King's rule*


Head of Research and Development (Taken)

Lore: A Tsujin who has potential intelligence that is remarkable to all other Tsujins. They are known to be the lead in developing technology that others wish they could think of. Their creativity has led them to be believed as the go to man for information.

  • Gains an Increased INT mod of +0.5
  • Gains the ability to have knowledge of anything if they research within a certain amount of years (Must have Admin approval and a trail to research)
  • Gains 25 Million resources


Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Galick Gun
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Final Flash
  • Moon (Saiyan only)
  • Explosion
  • Dash Attack
  • Self Destruct