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Afterlife is the other side. Not many people know of the afterlife but it is the location that souls go when they die. It is filled with mystical clouds that send you straight to hell and heaven which is accessible through a cave you go through. There is many parts of the Afterlife but the major parts are heaven, hell, supreme kaioshin realm.





Kaios are mysterious race of deities that possess godly ki. The Kais are genearlly alive to watch over the cardinal directions of the universe. They orginally come from a palnet known as Kaishin, which is basically a larger version of planets that the four cardinals call home. On those planets home huge fruit trees and the Kais are born from those fruits. Their prominate features are the different colored skin and pointy ears.



Demigods are a race born in the afterlife but are usually used to be sent to the Living realm for actions such as attendents to guardians are for destroying beings causing chaos as there are no other beings to stop. They range from humaniod creatures to very dark creatures. They depend based on what they were made from. Demigods are very strong formidable foes.



Demons are a mysterious race that possess godly ki. They are generally alive in order to take souls advantage of and cause chaos throughout the universe. Not much is known about the Demons but they are considerably evil.



Supreme Kai (Phase 2)

Lore: Also known as the "World King God" or "World Queen God" aslo known as the Creation Gods or Grand Supreme Kais. These beings are naturally born divine and have the ultimate duty to protect the universe of their position. They far outclass the regular Kai as while the lower Kai watch over the living. The Supreme Kai have the outright ability to train regular Kai's and intervene when needed on a Universal extent for whatever event they deem neccessary to intervene in.

  • Receives Supreme Kai Skillset (Removes Hakai)
  • Receives Potara Earings
  • Receives 700k HBTC
  • Receives the ability to Telepathy through relams.
  • Ability to have knowledge of all things about all races and caves. Universal Knowledge.


RP Requirements: *Must be appointed through an unknown force by getting the support of all fellow Kais*



Cardinal Kais (3/4)

Lore: The main objective of the Cardinal Kai's is to watch over their parts of the universe. That being that they may not intervene unless they train beings to defeat those that disrupt their worlds or attempt to destroy their planets. Cardinal Kai's can send warriors such as Demigods to the living realm if needed as well.
  • Receives Cardinal Kai Skillset (Removes Hakai)
  • North Kai recieves North Kai Skillset (Taken)
  • South, West, and East Kai recieves Limit Breaker
  • Receives the ability to Telepathy through relams.
  • Access to the living realm, one time use
  • North Kai (Taken): Protects and can only go to Earth, Namek,
  • South Kai (Taken): Protects and can only go to Vegeta, Ice
  • East Kai (Taken): Protects and can only go to Andriod, Arconia, Space
  • West Kai: Protects Desert, Jungle



Gate Keeper

Lore: The controller, the accessway. The primary being stopping anyone from joining the ranks of hell or heaven. He looks into a beings soul and reads their history before deciding they have the ability to go to hell or heaven. In special cases he gives these beings the ability to gain further trainning as a wariror of the afterlife.
  • Receives Afterlife skillset
  • Receives the ability to Telepathy through relams.
  • Ability to have IC knowledge of a characters Alignment.
  • Giant Form



Demon Lord (0/2)

Lore: The lord of all lesser demons that cause chaos within the afterlife by controling others through lies and being decietful. They hate the Kai's and their main purpose is to control others through their own advantage.
  • Receives Demon Lord skillset
  • Receives the ability to Telepathy through realms.
  • Majin


Supreme Demon Lord (Phase 2)

Lore: The ultimate evil, the being who destroys all with only the snap of a finger. Feared among the living realm and the master of deceitful arts. He causes chaos just from his footsteps and praised among all evil beings. His objective is the complete control and destruction of the afterlife.
  • Receives Supreme Demon Lord skillset
  • Receives the ability to Telepathy through realms.
  • Majin
  • Soul Contract
  • Ability to have knowledge of all things about all races and caves. Universal Knowledge.
  • Receives 750k HBTC


The Undeserving One (Taken)

Lore: A Demigod who was born out the realm of Undeserving, servant to the Undeserving Makyo. He is one of the strongest Demigods to have ever existed as his skill in martial arts are completely overwhelming as his strength is stronger than all other Demigods. His goal is to follow the orders of the Undeserving Makyo and create Tournaments that wager lives.
  • Receives Majin
  • Receives 0.2+ Anger boost
  • Receives Hundred Crack Fist, Dash Attack, Makosen, Limit Breaker, and Masenko
  • Receives Dash Attack
  • Receives a customizable Sword
  • Ability to create Tournaments
  • Receives 1.5k HBTC BP (Tier A)



Apply for unlocking these skills in RP on pastebin using the following format:

Byond Key:

Character Name:

Skill name:

Roleplay example:

  • Dash Attack
  • Telepathy
  • Observe
  • Shield
  • Sokidan
  • Masenko
  • Hundred Crack Fist
  • Give Power
  • Heal
  • Scatter Shot
  • Bind
  • Make Fruit
  • Keep Body
  • Unlock Potential
  • Materilzation