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**Rules are always subject to change and open to administrator interpretation.**

Change Log:


  • Changes to character rules
  • Changes to restricted rules
  • Changes to AFK rules
  • Changes to Administrator rules



  • Changes to character rules


  • Changes to stats. WARRNING VERY IMPORTANT RULE 6.L)


  • General Changes to Character Rules
  • Deleted some Rules as they’re not necessary
  • Added Rules General Ranked Character rules
  • Added Rules to restricted Areas
  • Added Rules to Out of Character
  • Added Rules to Hostility
  • Added Rules to Administrator rules
  • Revised most rules


  • Instructions for alignment changes.
  • Rule regarding moving the living to the AL.
  • Rule regarding passing ranks.
  • SDL 50/50 realm time split rule.
  • Clarification on HBTC rules.


  • Instant Transmission rules updated.
  • Added Cardinal Kai planet knowledge ruling.
  • AFK well sparring rules updated.

Section Listing

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1.) Character Rules

2.) Character Race Rules

3.) General Ranked Character Rules

4.) Restricted Areas

5.) Technology Rules

6.) OOC rules

7.) Hostile Rules

8.) Transformation Rules

9.) Administrator Rules

1.) Character Rules

1.A.) Utilize proper RP etiquette for your characters at all times.

1.B.) Names can not be from any Anime/TV show or other popular media. Names may not be offensive, or contain profanity. Ideally, character names should reflect the naming conventions

for their race established in the lore when possible. (Ex: Saiyans are named loosely after Vegetables, Makyos are named after spices. - Optional Name Generator.)

1.C.) Character icons must resemble their race. If an icon produces a large amount of client or server side lag, you will be asked to change it. Invisible icons are strictly prohibited.

1.D.) Do not meta-game in any way.

1.E.) Character alignment may be changed post creation with drastic and realistic IC events only. Forced alignments on races or ranks should be adhered to, and offer less flexibility in terms of conditions for changing alignment.

1.F.) Utilize AFK tags in your name when you are away from the game or computer. Failure to do so will end up in your character likely getting attacked and killed. Players may not interact with players with an AFK at all. No excuses. You may not trap players in buildings with an AFK tag.

  • If you speak or RP with an AFK tag on, you are liable to lose your AFK protection permanently.
  • When AFK without an AFK tag, you can only be killed once. That means you can be killed in the LR OR get obliterated (Forced Reincarnate) in the AL. Not both.
  • You can not well spar with an AFK tag. If you are caught, you will be kicked, if you continue, you are liable to be banned.

1.G.) Gravity and bystander deaths are in character. The exception to the gravity rule is if you are born on a planet that is too strong for you.

  • If you intend to kill someone with gravity bombing, it has to be done after the lethal round of combat and still requires 3 lines of RP.
  • Gravity can not be placed on entrances or exits of Z-Planes or Caves.

1.H.) Titles are not allowed in names. This includes Officer, King, Queen, Scientist, Doctor, etc.

1.I.) No abusing loopholes in the rules. Attempted abuse will result in some form of punishment.

1.J.) If you are using a custom icon, every icon state must be shown and be obvious in it’s intention. If an admin cannot tell if the character is meditating, training, or any other verb usage, you are required to change the icon to make it more obvious.

1.K.) Do not bug abuse.

1.L.) Under no circumstances is it acceptable to make real life threats. Anything perceived as one will result in an immediate mute.

1.M.) Custom buffs are IC. Custom buffs may only have appearances that pertain to your race, unless you are an alien or demon, who have little appearance restrictions. Custom buff names or IC purpose are not to be outrageous or deemed fuckin’ retarded by an admin.

1.N.) No EZing, this includes using macros, scripting, skin edits, or any outside byond progarm. Packs do not count as EZing.

  • EZing is any form of trainning that does not require you to be by your computer (AFK)

1.O.) No rape without OOC consent.

1.P.) Teaching skills requires both parties to RP teaching and the other learning. It requires at least 4 lines of RP, this does not include Level 3+ skills in Ranked Rules.

1.Q.) You cannot build houses or buildings that admins deem as entirely too big for the map.


2.) Character Race Rules

2.A.) Each race starts with inherent knowledge of different things.  Each race has basic IC knowledge of their own planet or realm, including its caves, entrances, and exits.(Exceptions listed for each race)

  • A clause to knowledge of these races is that if you interact with these races or hear of them, your knowledge is allowed to increase accordingly.
  • If an alien or Namekian or any egg-based race is born on a different planet than they would normally, they get the knowledge of the planet they are born on instead of their normal racial knowledge.

Alignment changes that change the adjectives “Good”, “Neutral”, or “Evil” require Admin lvl 2+ permission with 3 years of IC changes from respected alignments.

    Humans / Spirit Dolls

  • Do not know that demons, aliens, or non-Earth races exist.
  • Humans have no alignment restriction at creation.


  • No knowledge of other races besides Nameks.
  • Possess knowledge regarding to the existence of Namekian ranks and who holds the rank, but not their abilities.
  • Namekians have no alignment restriction at creation.


  • Knowledge of the Afterlife races (Kai, Demigod, Demon) and ranks. No knowledge of who holds said ranks, however.
  • May shift appearance at will.
  • Demons spawned in Hell are forced lawful, chaotic, or neutral evil.
  • Demons spawned on Earth are prohibited from being lawful, chaotic, or neutral good only. They may be on the neutral or evil spectrum for alignment.


  • Forced Good alignment.
  • Kai have knowledge of hell, as well as its location.
  • Kai do not possess knowledge of Hell’s exit.


  • Do not possess knowledge of Atlantis or the Core of Vegeta.
  • Possess knowledge of all other locations and caves on Vegeta.
  • Saiyans must have black or brown hair. Saiyans in decline may have gray hair.
  • Forced lawful, chaotic, or neutral evil. May also be chaotic neutral.
    • Any alignment shift must be admin approved with proper RP.


  • Possess knowledge of the Core of Vegeta, Atlantis, and all caves and locations on Vegeta.
  • Require admin approval to share knowledge of Atlantis.
  • No alignment restrictions on creation.
  • Not a rule, but generally should hold some measure of dislike for saiyans.


  • Little intelligence on creation, and a limited vocabulary to match.
  • Forced chaotic neutral on creation.
  • Intelligence and alignment should change depending on characters that are absorbed.


  • No alignment restrictions on creation.
  • Possess knowledge of the locations and races on the planet they spawn on.


  • Knowledge of all Ice caves, space travel, and standard technology.
  • Forced evil or chaotic neutral on creation.
  • Should consult an admin before changing their alignment, along with having substantial RP reasoning.


  • Possess knowledge of all Living Realm races and planets.
  • Do not possess knowledge of any locations or caves on existing planets.
  • Imperfect Bio-Androids should possess an instinctual drive to reach their next form, second only to self preservation.
  • Semi-Perfect Bio-Androids should possess the instinctual drive to achieve perfection, but may do so to a lesser degree.
  • Forced lawful, chaotic, or neutral evil alignment.


  • Possess knowledge of all afterlife races.
  • Possess knowledge of Heaven and Hell’s locations, as well as their entrances/exits.
  • Primarily should be placed around Checkpoint.
  • Forced Neutral alignment.


  • Possess the same knowledge as Humans and Spirit Dolls.
  • Forced Neutral or Evil alignment, or alignments on that same spectrum.
  • Only race with knowledge of the Makyo Star and it’s effects.


  • Possess racial knowledge of the primary race on whatever planet they’re born on.

    Legendary Saiyan

  • Possess the same knowledge as Saiyans.
  • Forced Saiyan alignment, when transformed into LSSJ forced Evil.
    • Loss of sanity until form is mastered in character.


  • Possesses knowledge based on creator’s discretion and available knowledge.

2.B.) Races face certain restrictions until they reach certain ages (Listed at the bottom of this section). If a character is below this age threshold, they may not do the following:

  • Train
  • Engage in Combat (They may, however, flee)
  • Use or Apply for Skills (Flying is an exception to this.)
  • Use or Apply for technology.
  • Utilize space travel without an adult character allowing them.

Age Restrictions are as follows:

  • Human/Spirit Doll/Tsujin - Age 4
  • Saiyan/Demigod/Half-Saiyan/Makyo/Demon - Age 3
  • Alien - Age 0.1
  • Namekian - Age 1
  • Bio-Android/Kai - Age 0.1
  • Android/Majin/Icer - No restricted age.


3.) General Ranked Character Rules

3.A.) Ranked characters are expected to be around a reasonable amount. Failure to fulfill the expectations of your rank may result in losing your rank, a save wipe, or even receiving a ‘Do Not Rank’ tag for the remainder of the server wipe.

3.B.) Teaching a rank skill requires level 3 or higher admin permission. These specific skills are as listed:

  • Kaioken, Third Eye, Kikoho, Dodonpa, Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Heal, Telepathy, Giant Form, Instant Transmission, Spirit Bomb, Mystic.

3.C.) Certain skills are not allowed to be taught, only available to ranks that earn them or gained through specific RP situations with level 3 or high permission. These are as follows:

  • Majin, Majinize, Mystic, Observe, Keep Body, Reincarnation, Bind, Kaio Teleport, Soul Contract, Rift Teleport, Revive, Make Dragon Balls, Genocide, Planet Destroy, any Fusion and Limit Breaker.

3.D.) Revival requires admin level 3 approval.

  • The Supreme Demon Lord and Supreme Kaioshin may only revive someone every ten IC years with no chance of death. Any revivals before the timeframe is over will have a chance at death, resetting the time and increasing the chance of death with each revival before the time frame is finished. (!roll 100 chance on discord. 1st time if below 30= death, 2nd time if below 50=death, and 3rd time if below 75=death)
  • Bringing anyone between realms requires admin level 3+ approval.

3.E.) When you soul contract someone, you must notify an admin, but it does not require permission. All soul contract actions/verbs require an emote/rp and CD.

3.F.) Using Keep Body on another player requires level 2+ admin permission.

3.G.) All Dragon Ball wishes require level 4 admin permission.

3.H.) Passing down all ranks requires level 3+ admin permission.

3.I.) The Supreme Demon Lord and The Supreme Kaio requires at least a level 3+ admin’s permission to go to the Living Realm. As the SPK or SDL you need IC reasonings to leave the Afterlife in the first place, things that will destroy balance in the universe and prevents the masses from getting stronger would be perfect examples.

3. J) Breaking Majin requires that your BP is stronger than the person who gave it to you at the moment you try to break it. It requires level three permission and a emote of how you did it.  You must be Majinized for 1 day before you can attempt to break Majin

4.) Restricted Areas

4.A.) Certain areas on the map are restricted until your character possesses the required knowledge to access them. Do not enter the following areas unless you have been specifically told that your character has knowledge. Only the ranks/races below can grant knowledge of these areas. Even if someone else with knowledge attempts to show you, you are still not permitted in the following areas. IC observe does NOT allow you to get knowledge of these locations.

4.B.) IC Restricted Areas

  • Planetary caves
    • Only showable by races with knowledge.
  • Vegeta Core/Atlantis
    • Only showable by Tsujins,and who Tsujins show. Entrances into the Core/Atlantis require Admin lvl 2+ permission.
  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • Only showable by Earth’s Guardian with admin 3+ permission. All entrances into the chamber also requires admin lvl 3+ permission.
  • EG tower
    • Only showable by Earth’s Guardian requires admin level 2+ permission.
    • Sacred Water must be shown as well with admin level 3+ permission.
    • Senzu beans can not be picked up unless you have IC knowledge of them. You can only plant Senzu beans in the EG tower.
    • Only the Earth Guardian appoints one bean daddy (AKA Korin). You can only have 5 senzu beans in your inventory unless you’re the bean daddy.
  • Heaven entrance
    • Only showable by ranked Kais and Guardian of the Afterlife, as well as non-Kais who have gained knowledge.
  • Hell exit
    • Only showable by ranked demons and Guardian of the Afterlife, as well as non-Demons who have gained knowledge.
  • Kaioshin
    • Only Supreme Kai can show, entering requires admin level 4+ permission.

4.C.) The following areas are permanently inaccessible, and are considered OOC.

  • Vegeta fitness
  • Space portal to AL
  • Trump Room
  • The Void
  • Hidden Portals
  • Kaioshin Portal in Checkpoint

4.D.) Instant Transmission can be used to go to energy signatures of those they have already met IC. It requires an emote and countdown. Transport between the AL and LR with Instant Transmission requires admin lvl 3 approval. Returning to the living realm as a living player doesn’t require admin approval as long as you are returning alone (Non-AL Races Only).

4.E) God Ki realm requires Admin level 4 permission

4.F) Do not build or block off caves so that nobody has access to the caves.

5.) Technology Rules

5.A.) Private technology cannot be used unless shown how to use it by someone with proper knowledge. Ie. using a private genetics computer without knowing how in character.

5.B.) Telewatches do not work between AL and LR.

5.C.) Usage of genetics and cybernetics computers require admin level 3+ permission.

5.D.) Anti-stacking, a bug in the code, is punishable with a ban and save wipe. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry about it.

5.E.) When cloning, bp imprinting, stat imprinting, or knowledge imprinting DNA from a locked race (Saiyan, Icer, etc) you must have to make a racial tech application(cool name) to create the clone and be approved by a lvl 3+ admin to make it.

5.F) Once private technology has been created nobody else can make it unless they have IC knowledge of the private technology.

6.) OOC rules

6.A.) Everything you do must be In character regardless of out of character events. No IC in OOC whatsoever. This includes asking for fights, sharing IC information, and the like.

6.B.) Don’t argue, insults, or harassment of other players. If you have issues with an admin decision or the rules, contact them on the Byond pager, DM them on the discord or use the help channel.

6.C.) No sharing spoilers for newer shows, movies, etc. Doing so will result in a mute.

6.D.) Players are not allowed to pick up dragon balls out of character, if you do not have IC knowledge of exactly what they are, and what they do, do not touch them.

6.E.) You are not allowed to be OOC in a location without admin approval prior to going OOC.

6.F.) You can not use the game mechanic dragon balls wishes. (Don’t right click the dragon ball and use wish)

6.G.) You may not “spam build” tiles/roofs/walls/etc.

  • Houses are requires to at least be 5x5. (Roofs included.)
  • Likewise, don’t build massive structures for no purpose.

6.H.) If you have died, you may not immediately be reincarnated. This does not include remaking. You must wait 12 hours before you may be reincarnated by any means other than hostile situations.(death avoiding)

6.I) You may not remake a character who has the same name as one that exists or has existed.

6.J) Healsparring is not allowed.

6.K) You are not allowed to interaction with a Alt. You can't have a Alt in the same Z plane, prevent it if it happens if you're caught you'll be punished.

  • This includes sharing an account with other players. If your being suspected of sharing an account and you're caught you'll be punished.

6.L) Lowering stats via stat focus and/or genetics computer is not allowed whatsoever.



7.) Hostile Rules

        The verbs for ‘Emote’ and ‘Countdown’ can be found in the ‘Other’ tab.

7.A.) Hostile is any situation intended to harm or affect another player. This is dependent upon the situation and the characters at hand. If you are around two players in hostile, you must follow these rules as well.

7.B.) In hostile, you are required to RP and CD every single action you do. This includes removing weights, causing injuries, powering up, attacking, running away, scouter transmission and telepathy amongst various examples. If the action is questionable, ask an admin.

  • You can not meditate in a fight until after it's over.
  • While in hostile you can not move unless both parties agree to moving.
  • In order to engage in hostile intent, those you’re attempting to engage must be able to see your post. If a fight is already in progress and you wish to join in, either request inf to RP prior to the fight beginning or wait for the next round.
  • The emote must clearly state your intentions.

7.C.) Any action that is CDed can be stopped by an emote. If you do not have enough time to type of an emote, you may call inf for unlimited typing time. If you believe you cannot trust people with inf, you can deny inf and give them 3 CDs to type up their emote.

  • Do not abuse denying inf. If you deny inf, the person who is responding to you now has a right to respond with two actions without a emote. IE. Escaping or Fighting.
  • Inf roleplays require a new countdown to be acted upon, they can not go on a deny countdown.

7.D.)  In hostile, participants may inflict injuries to the opponent. Only one Injury is permitted per KO. Against multiple opponents, you can perform injuries based off the amount of people fighting you. Three Injuries is the maximum when three people are against one. EX: Fighting two enemies, two injuries on each, three enemies, three injuries on each.

  • The first KO allows the victor to cause a temporary injury.
  • The second KO allows the victor to cause a permanent injury.
  • The third KO and beyond allows the victor to cause another permanent injury, and grants the ability to kill.
  • Any KOs beyond third have the same availability to injuries and killing as third-KO.
  • Death regen does NOT reset KO count.
  • If you are KO'd or Death Regen after a fight you cannot join in on a fight after you recover. All actions are reset and you must CD with appropriate emote and player knowledge.
  • If you do not have IC knowledge of the player’s death regen, you can not meta-game destroying the body.
  • You can not use skills like regenerate or heal while a fight is ongoing. You must wait until it is over and then rp with cd.
  • To give power to another player during a fight, you must roleplay and countdown.

7.E.) To kill someone, you must KO them three times, with the final round being the lethal round if declared in the emote. During the lethal round, the loser can be killed no matter the amount of KOs per person.

  • Lethal intent grants lethal retaliation regardless of the number of KOs.
  • If you are 5 times higher than someone’s power, you can kill them in the first KO. (Sense/Scan tab - 20% or less)
  • You must declare your lethal intention in your role play, or you cannot act on it without a new roleplay and countdown post KO.
  • In order to use a 5x Lethal, you must put “(5x Lethal)” at the end of your roleplay. Ie. *Meilon attempts to punch Genome out of existence using her overwhelming power, sending a fist straight through his green chest, spilling his purple blood across the field they were in. Meilon’s blood lust was insatiable, laughing maniacally at her own power! She was going to destroy him, once and for all! (5x Lethal.)*

7.F.) Planet Destroy, self-destruct, Genocide and other area of effect attacks require 5-6 lines of RP and everyone in the vicinity to be aware.

  • Planet Destroy requires admin level 3 or higher approval to use.
  • You must be 3x the highest player on the planet to use this.
  • Genocide requires admin level 3 or higher approval to use.

7.G.) To escape combat, you must manage to be off-screen from the person for at least three CDs. If the CDs are not in the logs, then you have not escaped.

  • While attempting to escape, you cannot change Z planes until hostile has ended. This means entering caves, ships, or the Heaven and Hell entrances/exits.
  • If there is no admin online to check the logs, take a screenshot with the finished three countdowns and the time of the emote..

7.H.) You may only use one custom buff per roleplay with CD. You may, at any point, turn off your custom buff. To reuse a custom buff you must wait for the next combat cool down.

7.I) All negative actions must have at least three lines of roleplay in order to be CD’d and acted upon.

  • Negative actions are anything that would negatively affect another player. This includes, attacking, killing, grabbing against someone’s will, looting, destroying buildings and other player’s items, etc.
  • Lines are considered full sentences with proper grammar, capitalization, and pronunciation.

7.J) Amulet usage against someone’s will must be on Lethal rounds only.

7.K)There are methods to kill people in a single round that don’t require lethal to be toggled on. Methods such as “gravity bombing” and potential others not listed are only able to be used on a lethal round.(admin interpretation is implied)

8.) Transformation Rules

8.A.) All levels of transformation must be RPed for and approved by a level 3 admin or higher. Forms must be in character mastered via RP to be used without admin approval. Characters in incline may not use any forms without admin permission even if mastered.

8.B.) The first Super Saiyan that isn’t the LSSJ must transform via death anger or 3x BP requirement and be approved by a level 3 or higher.

  • Super Saiyan requires level 3 or higher admin permission until after 1-2 phases
  • Super Saiyan 2 requires being beaten by an opponent stronger than you in RP or being at least 2x the BP requirement, or may transform via death anger similar to Super Saiyan 1, all with level 3 or higher admin permission.
  • Super Saiyan 3 requires level 3 or higher admin permission
  • Super Saiyan 4 requires level 4 permission and a IC reason.
  • Super Saiyan Blue requires God Ki and admin level 4 permission.
    • Super Saiyan Blue always requires level 4 permission to attain, regardless of how many have previously reached this stage.

8.C.) Icer transformations may only be accessible once you are outmatched by the previous form at least once, and may only advance into the next form with any admin approval. If the Icer is in a lethal situation, they may ascend to Final form without any approval.

8.D.) Bio-Android transformation requires absorbing and admin-approved racial target based on creator’s preference (using OOC robotics tools) or an already cybered target. Due to the mechanics of bio transformation, they do not require admin approval but admins will not intervene to fix issues with them related to phase soft caps.

  • This includes reverting forms.

8.E.) God Ki is considered a transformation at 25% mastery. Those with God Ki may not fight those without God Ki without prior admin permission. (Admin Level 2+). If someone is fighting you, then you can use it as a last ditch effort of survival without permission.

  • You must be shown the realm through someone who has already been there or by the SPK, the SDL, God of Destruction, or The Angel.
  • Trainning your God Ki mastery must be done in four stages, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. As soon as you reach each percentage please advise an Admin as soon as possible. Every phase requires a Roleplay and Approval.



        9.) Administrator Rules

9.A.) No admin is above any character.

9.B.) No banning unless people have blatantly broken a rule and/or have purposefully disobeyed an admin in relation to the rules.

9.C.) Attempt to utilize a system of enforcement that attempts to start at the lowest level of verbal punishment before the BAN HAMMER.

9.D.) Do not attempt to give rank/skills/edit to yourself without another Admin’s approval.

9.E.) If a player disobeys an admin’s commands then the admin has the right to enforce a kick off of the server. If they continue, utilize a ban.  

9.F.) If you argue with an admin, then you are at your own risk. Whatever happens, attempt to be respectful.

9.G.) Do not cheat as an admin.

9.H.) An admin cannot force a player to break a rule, buy them packs, or commit an illegal act.

9.I.) Admins are not allowed to accept their own roleplay actions or applications, they require another admin’s approval. When possible, they should distance themselves from any application that would benefit them ICly, even if that application is for another player. Ask another admin to approve it.

9.J.) Stat redos will no longer be freely given out. Admins giving themselves stat redos or to others is prohibited. Ask level 3 or higher and they'll decide if you need one or not.

9.K) All level 3 edits require the host to be notified of edits via Discord.

9.L) All Admins are liable to being demoted or removed if they do not keep up with important information that has been set up for the Admin team to have knowledge of. The exception is discussions, even though it would be helpful to put your input.